I'm just around 8kg away from officially becoming overweight.

As someone who had trouble gaining weight most of my life, this is very exciting!

Gotta get back to exercising soon. But I'm not a gym person. I guess I'll go for run or cycling along with workouts at home.

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    Wagyu burgers, shoyu ramen, tempura, bacon, deep-fried coke and snickers, waffles and pancakes with maple syrup. Don't mind me, I'm just thinking about dinner.
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    On a serious note, consider a personal trainer if you have the cash. They really guide you and make sure you're moving right. I noticed the difference between an hour of me exercising on my own and an hour with a personal trainer. My body is sore after a session with a trainer. It's painful but it's a good kind of pain, can't explain.
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    @rutee07 Dinner? What about second dinner?
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    Coke like Cola or Coke like cocaine?
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    @Jilano The first half is for first dinner. The second half is for second dinner.
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    @metamourge Cola. Still equally disturbing.
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    same here. But without the gaining part...I just eat and eat and eat without gaining weight, but I already saw the doctor and I am completely healthy and fine, cant wait to start gaining some weight!
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    @rutee07 I want all that.
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    I hate you
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    Fix your diet and forget the gym
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    I have the opposite. I was overweight but somehow now I'm normal. I don't know why... I don't feel like I'm eating less...

    Hope it's not muscle loss... I don't feel weaker... Though I've never been into gym for years now....
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    @rutee07 the pain that makes you feel emptied out like a single water drop in a bottle, but at the same time informs you that you're going to be able to push or pull more weights in the next 2 or 3 days in the same muscular area.

    To the people who haven't been in a gym: You may ask "Why 2 or 3 days?".
    When you train the biceps and the leg(pushing the weight away from yourself, pulling the weight to the center of your legs and pushing the weight away from the center of your legs) on Monday, you give that area a pause for a day to recover itself and adapt for more weights that is going to come. On Tuesday, you don't do leg day like in the previous day. You do the triceps area, the back, the six pack area and maybe a few extra exercises for the shoulder and neck area.
    You give yourself a pause on Wednesday and follow this whole cycle forever. There are also specific "shifts" while doing the exercises.
    Like training the biceps for like 10 times and doing cardio afterwards. You basically split what you want to do and how many times you want to do it. Then there is the nutritional part of this whole gym story.
    ... I realize that I am taking too long to finish this comment.

    Tl;dr: You give your body the time it needs to recover and adapt itself for the next unknown event.
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    Chips.. redbull.. more chips.. mountain dew.. coke... fries... chips... sorry, im hungry too.

    Just go for a walk around the block, then come back and start coding again. 😬
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    I do some full-contact martial arts. Great stress relief after coding and before continuing coding. ;)

    I can recommend it since it's nearly impossible to become overweight while doing this kind of stuff.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- I better go back to the gym soon. I've been getting sick again lately. A few days ago, I thought it was just allergies and yesterday I barely finished my work shift. Now I woke up feeling like shit with a fever. I love the feeling after a gym. Your body aches but you still crave to be active and I never got a single allergy attack that time. Maybe find a nearby gym around the office and use my lunch break for that.
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    @rutee07 the gym was a nice place to me until they scammed me.
    They did let me pay, without me knowing it since it is done automatically, sometimes 30 EUR sometimes 40 EUR while the contract said 25 EUR each month. I took the student plan, but they kind of turned it into a plan that only people with a good income would have been able to pay.

    I'm glad that this time is over, but I somehow even miss the times in gym. You learn new friends. There was a man (he was around 35 and I was 16 in that time). He told me his stories and I mine and we became almost a family. He being my second dad kind of. The girls there were not only attractive, but they were also all kind to each other. I was not interested in anybody there tho. I was that kind of dude that only wanted to do his sport and leave with a few interaction here and there. I also trained with some old friends there. So many good memories.

    Now I own a racing bicycle and a long dumbbell. The long dumbbell and its respective weight plates are actually a left over from my dad's past. Dw he is still alive lol
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    @rutee07 oh yeah. I know the sickness too well. If you feel like it is not gonna work, don't go there now. You need to feel okay. Give your body the time it needs to recover. You can still work out in your house tbh. At least until your sickness is gone.
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