i think ai assistants would be much more interesting / less annoying if it had a faster, snappier syntax to talk through. Like shorthand code but in the sense of talking and just getting one word responses.

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    @SauceBoss What I had in my head was:
    New appointment for tomorrow
    Got it. 16:00, Office with your Chef.

    Where it doesn't wait for an eternity but instead just keeps em firing.
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    @beggarboy think of less tech-savy or slower users though. Some people will be confused by one-word answers
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    @yansch Tap Google Home 7 times to activate developer mode
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    I always get stage fright with Siri if it’s anything longer than “will it rain today”. I can’t get my words in the right order and I feel like if I pause she’ll wander away like an ADHD toddler.
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    I'm reminded when my manager had a complicated issue with his PC, and asked me to get someone from the IT department in to fix it.

    As I'd be able to explain the problem to them in a manner they would understand, where as my manager was only able to explain that it didn't work no more..

    When the IT guy arrived, I explained in a single word what the problem was..

    And he fixed it fine. :-)
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    I'm looking forward to the day I can just say:

    "Lite" and the light goes on!

    If its on, it will go off..

    Of course, it will need to be with reflection..
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    I love the TTS output of the OpenStreetMap app for exactly that.
    You start a navigation (on foot) and it goes:
    'Distance is 850 meters, time is 10 minutes'
    Concise and to the point.
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