Hey Game Developers,
I know this is the worst place to ask this question but still...

Is it possible that a game developer will make an online multiplayer game at a really low budget for me?
If yes then where can I find them?

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    You can go to local universities or smth and maybe your idea could become an assignment for a few students.
    Fiverr also has people who do game dev services.

    The less you pay, the less the quality will be.
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    So what do YOU bring to the table? An idea? Buddy, everyone has ideas. What else? Shitty pay? Meow.
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    This is an ironic post right, about someone who proposed their idea to you?
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    @Kage Thanks! But unfortunately couldn't find a university where students can do android as their assignments
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    @jespersh LoL I should go for it
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    @Fast-Nop and even that idea isn't unique. Everyone is doing it
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    @tesseract Well yes but actually no
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    I didn’t know EA was using Dev Rant to hire game devs now. Let me guess, it needs to be a game as a service that has a core loot box mechanic and if it doesn’t sell at least 100 million copies at launch you get laid off.
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    @retard You wanna let some devs create a Battle Royale game for you. Oh boi.
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    @jespersh I really just developed one based on p2p last Sunday to test peerjs. It works great 😂
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    Which country are you from?
    If you are from a country with high PPP, try finding devs in other countries with low PPP (like India, where I live)
    A low or mediocre pay/offer there is a lavish pay when you convert the currency

    Also, m a university student, so if you disclose the man hours and the pay, I can ask around here for interested people
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    @asinglenoob you just cracked EA's algorithm
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    @rutvora so if I'm already from India, should I look into countries like Bangladesh or Sri Lanka??
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    @Nanos 'younger = cheaper to hire', will remember this
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    @retard might be possible, haven't heard about it though 😅
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    @retard Elbonia FTW!
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