I've got a new laptop (Acer Swift 3 SF314-52) and it's awesome! That 14" IPS screen looks awesome. (btw I use Arch)

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    This is what i did.

    Bought Acer Nitro 5 with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U.

    Got it home. Didnt turn it on.

    2 hours later i unpacked it and booted straight to BIOS. Windows wasnt even booted.

    Booted up Live Arch linux USB.

    Deleted all partitions except EFI.

    Mounted EFI and deleted Windows bootloader from there.

    Installed Arch.

    Everything working out of the box.

    Now its 5 months and every issue i had i reported as bug and 90% of them were fixed in 1 week.

    I have just 1 issue now and tha is GNOME lags for a split of second and after that it lags slightly.

    Devs and me are trying to figure out whats wrong.

    After this i will have an AMAZING lappy running GNOME smooth as butter.

    Just pure eye candy.

    And funny is that GPU and CPU is giving 2K points more in most benchmarks on Linux then Windows.

    Sadly had to install Windows on USB to flash latest BIOS and i recommend this always.

    Always flash new BIOS when you get the machine.
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    @Haxk20 Mine didn't have Windows on there, it had Endless OS. Ended up downloading Arch and burning it to a USB drive using dd. Then, disabled the Secure Boot and installed Arch Linux. Boots in about 10 seconds with EFISTUB kernel. Sadly I didn't get a chance to update BIOS since it didn't have Windows on it, but one may succeed with launching the BIOS update file in FreeDOS since it's a MZ executable. It's very snappy and super fast. Watching YT on there is a pleasure. Also, Skyrim bugged out in Wine :D
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    @mishaor FreeDOS isnt an option for me since i cannot enable legacy booting and since FreeDOS would have to enable UEFI booting which i think isnt possible so far. I tried it multiple times. I just had to use USB to install windows on the damn USB.
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    I bought the same laptop a week ago. I love the screen and the weight. It's not my main workstation, but is very useful when you need to work outside the office.
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    With Optane?
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    @siguso nah, 14" variant with Core i5 Kaby Lake, 8 GBs of RAM, UHD Graphics 620, 256 GB SSD from Intel (not Optane, Intel SSD 600p Series (?)), Intel 802.11ac + Bluetooth, and an EgisTech fingerprint sensor (doesn't work in Linux)
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    Your room looks cosy
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    @Floydian my room is a BTRFS filesystem (room) spanned across multiple disks (rooms) :P
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    @Floydian but yeah it has that old USSR lightbulb
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    @mishaor hahaha are you on a hideout?
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    @Floydian nah, that picture was taken in my sleeping room (where I sleep). It has an ironing board so my parents go here to iron the clothes. My other room is my grandma's sleeping room. There I do my homework.
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    @mishaor you have your own room? You even have multiple rooms in your house? 😮
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    @mishaor you are lucky dude..
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    arch? my man...
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    @maushax portability is one of the reasons I wanted this laptop. The second was it's performance.
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    @Condor ONE OF US
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