Developing something which, for real world testing, would require a smartphone with a gps chip/capability or however the fuck you call that.

I do have that but it's so goddamn hard to get a lock on my location which makes it very hard to test this IRL.


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    @linuxxx Can`t you just use app which fake your GPS location for tests? Some people use it for breaking location limitations of tamagotchi (to get bonuses for Japanese when outside of Japan)
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    @Omnisus +1, I've heard of people getting banned from Pokemon Go for using an app that changes your location, I don't know how it's called but it exists
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    @Omnisus yep, setting up a fake location only takes a couple minutes.

    I don't think it should be hard to get a gps lock anywhere if you're outdoors. Maybe it's harder on very urban areas or next to a mountain or hill.
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    Try switching to a different ntp server on your /etc/gps.conf file. I've had better luck with pool.ntp.org as it's supposed to automatically choose the nearest server.
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    Android has a gps mock in developer
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    @Omnisus I've written something which generates what I need yes but I do want to do IRL tests as well :/
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    @linuxxx I thought that you need just GPS lock to test it. Like you feed it artificial data, but want to check if it could read from GPS (even fake one).

    But I guess it isnt case :)
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