Business: we need feature x in two
Days, highly urgent!
Me: fine, here’s a shitty implementation we can live with until you decide how to Actually make this work in the future.

2 days pass...
Me: where’s the content for feature x?
Business: awaiting approval

5 more days pass...
Me: I’m guessing this super urgent request wasn’t needed after all?
Business: it’s still awaiting approval
Me: so... I’ll just go and remove this feature, and revisit when its actually needed.
Business: no, it’s needed now, we are just waiting on approval
Me: 🤷‍♂️

Duck my life sometimes.
I could have built a full fledged system of this shitty hack job instead in the time taken to approve a useless piece of content.

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    Everything is urgent hehe
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    It's even better when they just stop responding at all and ghost you...
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    Then you start to realize:
    The content guy had the 'urgent' request too and didn't give a crap, so you don't need to give a crap either and continue bussiness as usual.
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    Been there. We need this in one week. Finished in three days.
    EA took two days to even look at the code.
    EA isn't happy because I refactored the code he makes everybody copy and paste. I deleted classes and methods that don't do anything, renamed some stuff to describe what it does, and cut out an entire layer of bloated, useless inheritance.
    EA isn't happy because one of the libraries I used has a GNU license and he thinks that means we need to release internal, proprietary software on the internet as open source.
    EA invented some new "standards" on the spot that have nothing to do with anything and force me to write code no one needs for requirements no one has.
    EA is known for having an exact mental picture of how he wants it done, but won't share it. Prefers you to build it and lay it at his feet so he can say it's not what he wants. He can't actually write it so he throws a fit and yells when you try to pin him down up front. Literally, not exaggerating.
    Six weeks later...
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    Project Management Triangle
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    I wouldn't be surprised if they were jacking non stop, like actual no sleep self stroking, and that being the reason they couldn't aprove the feature yet
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