I noticed you can no longer uninstall Facebook apps from Samsung phones, only disable. Figured I would give 'disable' a try and see what it means. Apparently it means the icon will be gone but I will still get notifications, which I can click on the open the app. Whoever made this deal with Facebook should be fired from a mossy cannon using to much gunpowder.

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    Cheaper Samsung phones are so full of these bloatware apps that you can't install your own ones
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    It makes me sad, they make the best hardware consistently but Ill never be able to justify getting another one with all these software issues.
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    But wait there is more.

    If you go to settings apps, then the three dots on the top left and press show system apps youll find three more facebook apps:
    Facebook app manager,
    Facebook app installer and
    Facebook services.
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    Screenshot for reference
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    Also dont forget to check if they afe still disabled if you update your phond. Sneaky little shits have the habit of enabling themselves.
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    @electrineer not just Samsung anymore. Sony and Huawei are plagued as well
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    Root your device, make a nandroid backup in case things go south. Find a rom that has bloatware removed. Oh and i believe titanium backup can help remove the unwanted apps as well.
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    Unless Samsung rolled out some custom shit, these notifications come from another app. "Disable" on a clean Android uninstalls all updates and disables an app package, preventing it from running.
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    Thats why I have the pixel 3🤷‍♂️
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    @Flamestro this is why I have a custom rom on my Samsung
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    That’s why I have an iPhone....
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    @C0D4 iPhones are nice but I don't like the idea of having to use the app store for everything. With Android I can download apks from places like fdroid.
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    On some phones you can remove garbage w/o root from adb shell:
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    @C0D4 this is not an excuse for that
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