So I became a panel for a students' oral defense for their apps in the IT dep, I'm a lowly plebian STEM but oh well I guess they did spot me making apps on the library on my lunch time.

Anyways here's what happened:

I reviewed two groups and here's my input on them:

- Group one did a app that uses the gyroscope to control a character in the screen, and avoid obstacles. At first I don't know how to play it but I figured it out nonetheless, since I'm reviewing in the customer perspective, I shunned them because of poor UX, and poor performance. Idea was there but execution is fucked - and the fact its a one man stand when there's 6 persons in front of me.

- Group 2 did an app that behaves similarly to our shitty eLMS, I liked the UX and the UI but I gave them a few pointers to improve it more and recommended it to replace the current application (yes because it was really exceeding my low bar for their department).

It's kinda obvious which one I picked to get to the stage on their graduation. They deserved it but I felt bad for the girl in the last group since she did everything so I gave them a passing grade. But if I were to individually grade them: I'd pass her and fail the rest.

How'd I do as a panel judge my angery dudes?

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    What is eLMS? I get only trees in search results.
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    @irene Learning Management System uwu
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    @caramelCase never heard about such systems 🤔
    Oh well... 🤷
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    I guess the choice between flappy bird clone and a way more useful app was very obvious. If you knew that the girl really did everything, then I agree with your notion. Grading individuals in groups is difficult.
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    you did well 👌
    Were you able to mention that the girl did all the work? I've been in her position, it sucks. luckily my school decided to grade my group individually because of it.
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