Idea: devRant hackathon.

Maybe book a location in a few different cities worldwide, have users team up and see who can conjure up the best devRant-based hack

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    Something I don't quite get of hackathons is why purely collaborative coding events have to be held and participated only on-location. I'm sure there are enough that are organized online only and large part of these hackatons are about the socializing aspect... I can also Imagine it's quite hard to borrow an extra servo for your arduino spiderbot entry if you're working remotely.
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    @theKarlisK Yeah but half the fun is meeting people in person
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    @TheyCallMeMJ yeah, I know - as I said... I get that it's mostly about socializing but I'm sure you could grow attendance numbers if people from remote places could attend. Around my parts I need to grab a plane ticket if I want to attend any hackatons larger than a single college auditorium.
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