Why is there no VueJS job requirements in my area? It is all about Angular and React. Quite sad my favorite JS Framework is not a favorite here.

Guess I'll be forced to study Angular or React for job requirements purposes only *sigh* 😩 It is like - forced eating the only available food that you don't like in order to survive. Oh well supply and demand.

I haven't seen any VueJS requirements yet in all the job posts that I browsed 😕

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    You can move to different places :3
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    @cursee Should I start reading books with titles "Learn React/Angular in 5 minutes"? 😆
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    I find there are more vue opportunities than react here. Which is a shame because I prefer react 😂
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    I'm not looking to switch jobs and am using vue in my job, but I would feel kinda sad about that too if i had to.

    vue is such a lightweight, fast and beautifully designed framework.

    but maybe I'm fanboying... the react docs don't look bad now.

    it's just that I don't have enough time to try it out for real, and I just guide myself by impressions, like their major version being 16 lmfao, or jsx feeling ugly... or facebook still being slow sometimes...

    it is true in my opinion that vue still needs to mature a bit
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    @erandria give it a year or so.
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    @cursee agree, really excited about the upcoming major...
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    @Elyz Where u at bruv? Gonna move there then!
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    Should be a great opportunity to consider work remotely
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    @inaba Where am I? Philippines

    @sunfishcc I'll consider it. I'll weight the pros and cons first

    @erandria I hope Vue will be at par in terms of job requirements world wide. The Google and Facebook backing are powerful lol. Big boost to Angular and React.
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    Good for you but I can hardly use that information for anything now can I?
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