I been out of the Java loop for a while and now I read about all this licensing and version horseshit... What the fuck? Are they purposely killing their own product? This is exactly what python, node, go, etc need to achieve absolute dominance.

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    Oracle fucked up, added commercial licensing to latest version and expect royalties on ALL production software.

    Google, and I believe Amazon are migrating their Java Instances to openJDK to circumvent oracle and continue to have a free version that will be maintained.

    NodeJS and Python are far from replacements.
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    You got it all backwards. Oracle did a terrific job in making Java more open source than it was before. Before raising the licensing fees, they commited most parts of the Hotspot VM to openjdk. Now there are tons of different, free, Java VMs to choose from in a much easier way.
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    If you want something to have a great open source option, let Oracle get involved.
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