Client: I want to go to the moon!

Me: Sure thing! I will build you a rocket.

Client: But I want you to build me a car.

Me: A car can not take you to the moon.

Client: Build me a car.

Me: OK.

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    You're the one paying, Boss man.

    PS: Sell him the car, then and only then, sell him a rocket.
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    Maybe you should contact Elon Musk and ask him for advice. He is very good at sending cars to other planets (or at least in orbit)😉
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    * delivers car *
    Client: why did it take so long?
    Client: ok, how do I go to moon with it?
    You: as I said before, you can't go to moon with this.
    Client: but I already told you that I want to go to moon. This is not I want.
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    This reminds me of a skit called 'the expert':
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    In germany we would call your second answer "Beratungsansatz".

    Means something like "consulting approach" in english lingo :D
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    I hope the car won't be a... buggy.

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    Also toddlers.
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    For the price of a scooter
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    A rocket? what do you mean you want a car? Sure, I'll build you a bicycle!
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    *Delivers car*
    Client: where's the car?
    Me: it's ready. How will you go to moon by this car?
    Client: I will just drive the car to the place where the rocket is.
    Me: (no comments) ok
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    When SpaceX meets Tesla
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