Anyone that ever experienced that a personal/hobby project (side to work/school) became successful?
How successful? Did it beco.e your main job?
Was it mostly luck or a lot of hard work?
Curious to hear peoples stories and how common it is.

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    my webdev hobby got me a freelance job which paid my recent computer and will probably pay my next with maintainance fees. insert_its_something_meme_here
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    @iamavalos because I'm interested in the answers as well, but I don't have anything to contribute and doing that I recieve notifications for replies
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    I love your username but I'm useless.
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    I can tell you the reverse...

    School = not allowed to use school computer.

    College computer course = not allowed to program.

    Just meet a bunch of useful folk, then your parents move..

    Just meet a useful person, they die..

    Come up with a great idea, but can't afford the hardware to program it..

    Come up with a great idea, but have to work 18 hours a day every day of the week, so don't have any time to code the software..

    Come up with a great idea, start working with a partner, then the partner stops working and spends all day in bed..
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    I've had several parents die !
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    6, on the last one now.
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    That's ok, death is part of the cycle of life.

    Everyone tends to leave at some point.

    But your sentiment is appreciated.
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    This took an unexpected turn...
    My first personal project was a success in the way that it earned 20k downloads and 6k active users within 3 months. Without any advertising. It has remained at 6k users ever since. But there is no monetization, so not really a success I feel myself.
    Since then, all my personal projects have been unsuccessful (under 1k monthly users).
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    > It has remained at 6k users ever since.

    > But there is no monetization,

    > so not really a success I feel myself.

    I'm reminded of a company that grew to something like 30k users, and is now after 30 years down to something like 300 users.

    It has monetization (Though I've a free account.. introduced to boost numbers, but didn't really have that effect, as many paying customers just switched to free accounts!), and pays for itself, just..

    So I'd call what you have done, pretty successful.
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    @drdre under 1k users? i don't know if any of my projects has even 1 user
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    > no monetization

    Could ask for donations ?

    I plan to go that route in the future at some point.

    That way, you don't have to pay for something you might not like in advance.

    No pirated copies issue to worry about.

    Poor folk can afford it too.

    I guess if a product is good enough, and/or popular enough, folk will throw money at you, right.. ?
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