Anyone that ever experienced that a personal/hobby project (side to work/school) became successful?
How successful? Did it beco.e your main job?
Was it mostly luck or a lot of hard work?
Curious to hear peoples stories and how common it is.

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    my webdev hobby got me a freelance job which paid my recent computer and will probably pay my next with maintainance fees. insert_its_something_meme_here
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    @iamavalos because I'm interested in the answers as well, but I don't have anything to contribute and doing that I recieve notifications for replies
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    This took an unexpected turn...
    My first personal project was a success in the way that it earned 20k downloads and 6k active users within 3 months. Without any advertising. It has remained at 6k users ever since. But there is no monetization, so not really a success I feel myself.
    Since then, all my personal projects have been unsuccessful (under 1k monthly users).
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    @drdre under 1k users? i don't know if any of my projects has even 1 user
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