Common question I hear at work a lot. These self driving cars, picture the situation. It's driving 100mph+ going straight towards a pack of children(could be anyone but this sounds a bit more terrifying). The car can only turn into a brick wall, killing the driver and passengers, OR straight into the children.

What do you program it to do in these situations???

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    It's an interesting question and compelling scenario. I'd probably question why a car was ever going 100mph near anywhere where there might be people but the point still stands. I'd say in that exact scenario save the children.
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    I would make the car decelerate as early as possible and stop before hitting childrens. For this, may be cars front sensors range needs to be increased, but should be possible...
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    I believe self-driving cars will save hundreds of thousands of lives in the future. Yes Google hit a bus at 2mph but I can live with that at this point. The car/program should understand its whereabouts at all times relative to stationary and moving objects and decelerate. If there was a reason to exceed the speed limit such as to avoid a collision - the program should analyze those factors and act accordingly. Going 100mph as people do now should not be possible if it increases risk. Thoughts?
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    I'd say try to save the most people possible...in this case would the car be able to tell they're children and would it make a difference vs adults?
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    Deskwarrior has a good point. Even if the sensors in the car can detect they are small, they still may just be a group of midgets.
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