~March 7~
Boss: Hey cory, guess what, you will not take control of the servers anymore so you can focus on your real job, the company hire someone to do it
Me: Great, finally i can just program, thanks for the news boss

Boss: Hey cory, guess what, the person the company hired needs help to migrate some servers so you need to help him on weekend
Me: Well, it's ok i can do the job

Director: Hey mr cory, we need you to help jonny on weekend
Me: Fine boss, i will be on weekend
Director: That's the attitude we need in the company, I do not know how much time you need but we're going to pay you 24 extra hours
Me inside ~every went better than expected~ 🤷‍♂️

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    yeah the attitude wanted is being available 24/7..
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    At least they appreciate it :)
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    Feel you, I just recently changed departments and I still help out in the old one from time to time.
    From what I tell they appreciate your help as well, so fair enough!
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    That's a nice director and boss, definitely give something on their birthday or something like that...
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