Hey guys. I have been thinking about learning to code to Android using a native language, but I am not sure it would be worth it, since I already know React Native...

What do you guys think ? Should a guy that already develops with React Native learn native development ?

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    @irene why is that ?
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    React native is not native.

    Given two threads, A and B - Thread B does heavy processing works, while thread A does the coordination by signalling B.

    You cannot do that with react "native".

    (That was a real project I've worked on).
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    Pssst... you can even use the NDK and have a C/C++ compiler in all its glory. With real POSIX threads, mutexes, conditions. The programming model is just like Linux (mostly).
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    I didn't read the rant but I came here to comment that the way you put a space in front of a question mark annoys me.

    Heck, why don't you do that for commas and periods as well, for consistency.
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