team is hiring interns and one candidate put “googling” on their resume as a skill - appreciate the honesty

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    Hire immediately
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    Googling is a very important skill, a not insignificant part of my work comes down to: "Damn it, let's see if someone also has that specific problem" and having good skills in your favorite search engine is crucial.
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    If I were you, I wouldn't put tagging skills on my resume
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    Thats actually one of the most valuable skills.
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    I'm secretly very proud of my Google skills. Like, you gotta be creative... Feel just like HackerMan™ every time I find something when others don't... Thinking up different phrasings, excluding words or exact matching them. Lol, is it a coincidence I Google for a living? Maybe I don't like coding, I just wanna Google stuff.
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    Yeah of course using Google is absolutely crucial, but if you're gonna put *that* on your CV after having had any kind of CS education at all, then you can put "Can eat bread without choking" right up there next to it.
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    Got an interview question: "How would you troubleshoot X?" Came up with 4 different approaches. Interviewer: "Why wouldn't you try to google it first?" I: "Well .... I would, but did not want to admit it"

    Search engines (google especially) is now so deeply embedded in the IT culture, it's hard to imagine it without it. Anybody deep in IT understands the difference between "using google" and "ability to utilze advanced search enging features" (even if it would be only stuff like intitle: or filetype:x)
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