Hey, blonde bitch.

How about you leave the UX design to someone that can get the printer to do double sided first try. Okay?

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    But I'm not blonde
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    ... but what does that have to do with knowing UX?...
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    I’ll find this acceptable if she prints all the mockups and attach them with tape
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    It's 2019. Is double sided printing still an issue?...
    If 'yes' the why?
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    @kgbemployee it’s 2019, is printing period still a thing? I could see how maybe it would take a few tries, it would depend on how long, I’m assuming she, had been at the company.
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    I'm bald but I'm pretty bitchy.
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    I'm a backender, Linux engineer and security guy but I've never had a use case for double sided printing so no clue how that works 😅
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    Ok..can I get some 🍦 now?
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