Today for the 4th time I explained to my colleague that just because the front end app can perform validation doesn't mean the backend shouldn't. Every fucking time for all of them.

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    the actual need to explain that would be soul damaging to me...
    bless you
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    Show them how you can bypass front end validation. Then they will understand.
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    Jesus how I hate when backend tries to skip their job and push everything to front. Maybe bring the question during sprint, that the project is missing validation and is pretty insecure?
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    @smb26 right?

    you know when you store timestamps for every users last login? I had an api guy once told me that I need to call an api method after logging in to set that up, instead of the actual login method doing that itself.
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    Actually, validation IS a backend job. Front-end only validates to make the life of the user easier.
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    @erandria and then when the front end becomes slow due so many shitty requests this type usually omits itself saying “I did a good job, it’s your problem to solve 🤷‍♀️”

    I had one project with a guy like this. He couldn’t even send all the errors for the form and until 90% of the project was done, the passwords were saved on the DB because he didn’t want/know how to hash them.
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    Just tell him that just even when he knows the guys in his favourite gay bar, he still should insist that they use condoms.
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    Imaging working for a lottery and being the „frontend“(More complicated but simplifying here) and the backend accepting a lot of shit.

    Backend devs be like: We expected you to only send valid requests, we can‘t handle the errors, sorry. We will maybe handle those things in one of the next sprints if it has a high priority.
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    I had a colleague like this. He never learned. He thinks it's "inefficient" to put another validation which is the worst attitude you can have when working with integration because not all data are transacted from the user interface, we have several applications loading data through middleware and such. It sucks to be an arrogant fuck.
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    @rutee07 I even validate at internal interfaces between separate components because if something goes wrong, that makes debugging so much easier.
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