"Features are like having sex. You make one mistake and you have to support it for life. " - Dave McClure

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    How about you want to support if for life (already a regular employee) because you want long term work but your client's client did not renew contract so you are made redundant. Cough this is just a fairytale example and not real *holds chest with my right hand and watery eyes* 😢
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    What if I put it in the wrong hole? That's kind of a good mistake.
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    Google and Apple have mastered having safe sex.
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    Some choose not to support it for the rest of their lives and just abandon it.
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    Can’t I just kick it to the curb and let someone else deal with it?

    Pretty sure that’s how it works.
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    This is why a vasectomy is so handy.

    Only downside is you don't get to pass on your genes..

    Beforehand though, I was offered money for that purpose, but declined after seeking legal advice that I'd still have to pay for child support if asked, even if the other party signed an agreement to say otherwise !
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