What do fellow dev rants think of this whole thing on "everyone should learn to program"?

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    Already covered in this rant....
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    @helloworld this is not stack overflow for god sake. It's a rant, and people can have similar rants. I'm assuming you are the guy in the office that can't stand grammar errors.

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    @colaguy Judging by the response, everyone has already said what they want to say on the topic, I was merely pointing it out so you could get the general flavour of response. No need to turn twat like.
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    @helloworld so you are assuming just because the other thread has a mix of answers its already answered.

    I don't think you can take that decision, so please, don't destroy other threads with "already been answered...".

    Seems like u trying to cover up the intention of the first post.
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    @colaguy You are the only one on here, I’m not trying to destroy your post but merely pointing you to a similar thread, and also I’ll do what the hell I like, I don’t need you to moderate for me. GFY.
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