I'm starting my internship in a really company next monday. I'm pretty hyped as there's possibilities that I get recruited after my internship ends if the company likes how I work. Any tips?

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    Ask questions... So many questions. The more domain knowledge you know the more valuable intern you are
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    Wait with your clever suggestions how to make the whole company a so much better place.

    Instead, learn how it is, and why, who profits from the status quo, who would profit from changing, and see how their relative power is distributed.
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    @Fast-Nop This.
    It's also general life advice. Heed it well.
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    @bohr i wouldn't say asking a lot of questions is a good thing, ask quality questions. It's all about the quality than the quantity. That is at least my opinion.
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    If your boss jokingly asks you to make a draggable loading bar so the progress will become faster, don't laugh. He should learn his lesson.
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    @rutee07 ah those requests for interns! Like finding the bin for the voltage drop, or the rasp grease, or new water for the spirit level.
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    @Fast-Nop The only task that I enjoyed when I was an intern is labeling the installers and hanging out in the server room. Of course, one of my seniors joked about blowing away the labels. I would have enjoyed making changes to their website if only the boss would stop making me cringe with his jokes. I appreciated it though, they were all nice and I got a pretty good grade too. :D
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    I have never been an intern but I train a lot of them right now and have to judge how they performed so what I can tell you:

    1) Even if you observe some weird shit in the office(especially my boss boss boss being an ass) don‘t tell me things like you deserve better to be my friend. In general, don‘t talk about people in the office even if you are 100% sure I hate them. Even I have a boss, I won‘t answer things like that.

    2) Don‘t try to impress me by looking at the last commits and doing a code review without being asked. Even if you are right I will defend my team, I didn‘t ask you for that.

    Happened last week :/

    3) Don‘t ask me a lot of complicated stuff(Definitions). I‘m not google. Yes, I know what REST and Restful means. You just googled that yesterday, right?

    4) Don‘t try to be the genius in general. Asking questions is good, you‘re an intern. But don‘t tell me you can do [complicated task], ask me every 5 minutes and basically let me do it for you.
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    @ExGetMessage Your hints are awesome, I wish more people would understand that
    talking bad stuff about a coworker with another coworker is unethical and can make a workplace very toxic and hostile very quickly.

    And the second one, can’t believe the intern had the balls to do such thing, it’s was so rude
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    @smb26 Yeah well, what can I say.. I had to fire a lot of people recently. I‘m totally not proud of it and hate it but I had good reasons. The things I mentioned were some of them besides obvious reasons like not performing at all/being on your mobile half of the day.
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