Job offers be like:
We need a VIRGIN with atleast 2 years EXPERIENCE of SEX...

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    @technicallyroz developer... 😂
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    @technicallyroz it's just a joke bro...
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    @technicallyroz basically they ask for experience in a fresher. So it's like when you want to get a new job, they ask you to get a prior experience in that field. But to get experience, you need a job. Endless cycle.
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    @masterakay thanks for explaining that to him... I am very lazy...
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    @salimansari and you are applying for a job as a developer. Just wait till you get a bug that's literally impossible to catch. What. You just gonna give up then?
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    @masterakay I m working as a php developer... N faced that situation many times....
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    And that's when in the interview one may answer:

    I know lots of pr0nz
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    She is a bra...not a bro
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    @Jase go for some startup companies.. Which looks for fresher's... As I m also currently working in a startup company..
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    Same thing when they ask for 7 years experience in *whatever* framework that just came out 2 years ago...
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    To anyone in this circle, get some github work out there and apply even if you don't have the years. You can show them quality code you have written. That is more important IMO.
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    @Knossos is right! Make some websites, apps, games, whatever and show that off. You can easily prove experience like that. So, I guess we can be virginz that were ducked (by code). Or, find a company that hires by testing future developers. That's how I got my first job.
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    @Jase Like the guys above have said, do personal projects and go to things like hackathons! Showing passion for the industry and the ability to do awesome and/or useful things with (hopefully) good code is often more important to employers than actual work experience!
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    @Jase Hackathons be fun too :P
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