I don't know why I'm having this conversation so often lately.
Someone: "Hey, did you know that Microsoft said that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows?"
Me: "Yes."
Someone: "But isn't that ridiculous? It would get old at some point, right?"
Me: "...have you heard of macOS X? It's also »the last version« of macOS. But it has still undergone a lot of changes."
Someone: "Hm... I haven't thought about that."

Seriously, just because a company says something would be the last version of a product, it doesn't mean they don't update it anymore, they just take that version, make it a brand and use a different number for versioning (macOS Mojave 10.14, Windows 10 1809, ...).

Companies really try confusing their users as much as possible, and it seems to work, because the convo mentioned above is just repeating so often at this point that it just has to be intentional confusion.

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    I‘m not even answering that to be honest.
    I‘m just like: Yeah I heard that, let‘s see what the future brings.
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    What I don't get is why so sudden? There was Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and then they say they won't move away from Windows 10?
    Why not just continue with the numbering?

    Apple never had a MacOS 1 or MacOS 2. They did this from the beginning.
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    @Skayo apple started using the name mac os with version 7.5 (before that it was simply named "System Software 1.0 - 7.x")

    The X in Mac OS X is a roman 10.
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    We should stop talking about Windows 10. The current OS is Windows 1809 (if you're lucky).
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    Me: "No, who's Microsoft?"
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    Wow, so many people misunderstood why they won't move away from Windows 10.

    It is service, not a product. And it makes perfect sense with forced updates and whatnot. Almost every program does that now - Chrome, Adobe's CC suite, Office 365 and more. This model makes developement, support and troubleshooting much easier, since there is only one (or at most two) versions of the product used by people.

    It isn't that much years when they finally ended support for XP and support for 7 ends this year if I'm not mistaken. So they had to support and maintain versions which were almost decade old. Now they will maintain just a single version (once they end support for 8 and 8.1) which is at most one year old - people really shouldn't bitch about something which was fixed in some update while they refused to install it.

    And Microsoft even made a great decision that it is pay once, use forever kind of service, unlike Adobe CC or others.
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    @hitzoR Win7's supper ends next year iirc.

    Also: their "great decision" to allow customers to pay once and use forever makes financial sense for microsoft because the company brings in far more revenue through Win10's continual datamining than they could ever hope to sell the OS licenses for. The more users, the larger the stream of usage/advertising data they can sell every month.

    Remember: when the service is free, you are usually the product.
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