Back on DevRant, glad to be here 😁
I made something which I think is funny, but maybe it's just shit 😂
I have no idea what you guys know about Switzerland.


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    Welcome back to devRant! Guess you have to start your ++ collection all over again.
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    @iAmNaN Challenge accepted!
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    Das zellt quasi als Schwizer Kulturguet... Chasch evtl. no en Bündtner und/oder Walliser astelle für zuesätzlichi randomization?
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    i wanna have one 😂 and i guess i'll make one myself with austrian slang
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    Hahaha, so e fucking gueti idee! Vilicht söttsch no e rumantsch option ha für d schwiizer ;)
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    @Wack Haha, das wär richtig guet, aber ha i mim umfäld nidemol villech öpper wo rumantsch redet 😅
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    at least the written versions of this i can read and (barely) understand 😂
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    How about: "Huärä gopferdammi sierch, schiis async!"
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