This is sad but true, that's the look I get 🤓


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    What do you expect ? Kiss from a girl ?
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    That happens to me when the uber man talks to me and asks me “What do you do”? And I say “I’m a developer”


    Uber man: What’s that?
    Me: I’m a programmer
    Uber man: What do you program?
    Me: Software
    Uber man: What kind of software?
    Me: Computer systems, things that make your work easier, like buy/sell systems, etc.
    Uber man: Oh, great.
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    @Haxk20 of course!!!
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    This si bullshit.
    Programmer is now so manistream, everyone would say "ah ok" and ignore you like everybody else does.
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    @hars777 LOL sadly not gona happen.
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    @ElizadeathRaven can't believe an uber driver won't know what a developer is.
    UBER throws so much startup propaganda at them they would actually teach you how uber works
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    "I make websites" is my go-to. But I never use GOTO, or Go, tho.
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    I usually stick to the "I'm a engineer" which pretty much ends that line of enquiry unless I'm talking to another engineer.
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    @mundo03 r/murderedbywords
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    Wrong buddy! You are at home programming that's your party!😋
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    @walaboi When you're in a party and tell them that you're a programmer AND a Network Marketer / doing MLM.

    @Haxk20 I think he expected DRY and YAGNI instead? 😉

    @mundo03 on things that never happened 😁

    @ThatDevGuy26 you are right. High paid slaves have the highest income.
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    What? This’s not true. Programmers don’t even come to party.
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    @buitrung LOL meaning programmers have no social life? no social wife hehe
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    @Devnergy don’t be mediocre, we don’t need that
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    Just tell them you are "Bob the builder of the internet"
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    Duuuude my printer broke the other day!!! You can fix that, right?
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