Been at it inconsistently for two weeks and a few days now. Hitting approx 30 wpm with dvorak! Starting to slowly integrate it into my daily work. I'm on my way to becoming ambitextrous. 😎

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    "ambitextrous" :D
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    I know the feeling. And when I was in a state I was typing faster in DVORAK I was working on 3 PCs including one not in my control so I couldnt use dvorak there. Took me a month to learn and I switched back to qwerty because of the inconvenience of not using the same layout everywherr
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    @Codex404 Boy I wish to be able to use dvorak everywhere. But I fear I won't get far with it. 🤞
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    @SHA-16384 I have changed the layout on my phone but it's only to get accustomed to it. I had a mind bending experience when I first started using dvorak. I had to struggle a lot to move my fingers.
    But I hate it on my phone. I use SwiftKey so I didn't have to type a lot with qwerty.
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    @M1sf3t You type with one hand only? What do you do with the other? 😏

    I haven't yet started using it completely in my daily workflow yet. That 30wpm is just in practice sessions on keybr.
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    @Dropkick500 after a month I typed more efficient than I did with a qwerty layout
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    @Dropkick500 Dvorak is easy on the fingers. As my speed increased with qwerty, my fingers would overshoot or tangle resulting in mistakes. I also started feeling aches in my wrist. Dvorak seems nice so far.
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    @M1sf3t You used a left handed dvorak layout with just one hand? I barely get what your comment means.
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