That feeling when everyone on devrant is shitting EU for Internet censorship while I'm here worrying about my country's future when they implemented Syaria Law. Very torn about it to be honest.

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    You know, just because someone has it worse, it doesn't mean that we can't complain about something bad.
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    Both situations undeniably suck. Even though i would say that having Sharia law is lot worse than what the EU just did. Keep safe, OP!
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    Well of course it will suck with a predominantly muslim population, there's no way around this. They are around the year 1450 in their time calculation.

    For comparison: in 1450 CE, heretics and witches were tortured and burnt in Europe, and the climax was between 1550 and 1650.
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    @RantSomeWhere Google Syaria Law implemented in Brunei
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    @oreru Oh yeah definitely. I'm already working remotely for an Australian company. Leaving my relatives and extended family behind is a big obstacle for me though. *Insert two big red button meme*
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    @Chubak Show me ONE SINGLE muslim country that isn't a shithole in terms of human rights! They're just as caught up in that monotheism crap as Europe was 1450 years after the alleged birth of their religious idol.
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    Btw., a ruler named "Hassanal" prosecuting gays is a pretty sick kind of joke.
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