Governments should use a public git for their laws

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    Ive thought about it and it makes so much sense.

    I was looking to start a project like this.
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    A lot of the time they do have something like that.
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    ToS, privacy policies and EULAs should be in a git repository, too.
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    Buzzword: blockchain

    There must be a way to detect illecit changes.
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    in germany this is possible and automatable with an relative "easy" crawler. and now in hessen directly, since most people voted to allow electronical publications of laws.
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    Now, just use a serious voting plugin on the laws which is used in parlament and it gets even more genius ^^
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    Interesting fact, I was on the Wikipedia page for GitHub and turns out the only time Github has ever been censored is when it was used to circumvent national law.

    Russia - user posted suicide manuals

    India - pro isis content

    DDoS by China - tools for circumventing internet censorship

    Turkey - containing leaked emails of a minister

    Just thought someone might find this interesting 👍

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/... > Censorship
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    That's a good idea ! This way it'll be easier to revert a law !
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    Actually makes sense, going to be hard to keep trolling away because can you imagine how merge requests are just going to add total bullshit...

    Still a good idea, would make petitions a whole tonne easier
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    I had an idea about a year ago for an open source manifesto. In my country, each political party has their ideas about where the country needs to be by the end of their 5 year term. This results in a lot of slate wiping whenever new parties come into power.

    The open source manifesto would serve as *the* plan for the country and political parties will be elected based on their ability to execute what's in the manifesto.
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    *github goes down

    The purge: git happens
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    They can use features toggling to test law in production
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