Getting comfortable in one place for too long and stagnating. It can be easy to automate your job until you can just milk it, but sit still too long and your skills will be irrelevant.

People talk about ageism in development... don't let your mind get old and you'll always have job security.

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    The problem is no one is willing to hire me... Seems like I need some sort of certificate saying "this guy knows how to lick ass" that I can put on my resume and tell about...
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    I was in the same position about 2 months ago. No way to move up. Everything automated.

    Now I'm in the AWS cloud, and I am so far behind. Climbing the mountain though. Then, I'll go back to automating whatever I can. It's just a cycle.
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    @billgates I think AWS offers an ass-licking certification that doesn't actually require you to lick ass. It's expensive though... Amazon things.
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    @stisch f***King kb... I meant kicking...

    Seems it feels very sexual today...
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