What would you change if you were the owner of a site like devrant?

I've been in devrant for weeks now and the thing I like the most of it is the community (at least most of it).

If you are going through a bad time, they wish you well.
People here also seem to have very decent work experience.
In general, they seem to be open towards other technologies and honest about their shortcomings.

I also like that the site (for better or worse) is not insanely moderated.
For example, in reddit, it's very easy to get a post removed because it doesn't abide to the rules. They can be rudiculous strict, and mods can be trigger happy.

I'm not denying the existence of any moderation here, but for example I've seen some pretty graphic sexual comments, and I appreciate that anything goes (except being a dick ofc).

And I guess that the fact that the community is so chill has to do with that, there's not a huge need for moderation (unless I'm totally oblivious).

But how do you keep a community like that?

I've seen people complaining about the influx of new users and the spam of shitty memes.

How do you keep devrant cool while letting new people join?

I think a necessary thing is that you separate the people into 'universes' and each universe has a limit of x users. And somehow the users are distributed in a way that the average level of 'user likes the universe they're in' is maximum.

Now, how do you create that? Not sure, maybe you let users vote whether they like the other users or not (such votes being hidden to others ofc) and let users switch unis if they don't like them.

What ideas do you have?

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    What would I change?
    Not a lot.

    Maybe reduce the meme spamming, after all this is a social media mostly used by devs, not 12 year olds farming for internet points.

    We are all like minded people in a vary of specialised fields, so we already know how to get along with each other, this comes down to
    Understanding our common ground rather then being a social platform of random 12 year olds.

    DevRant self Moderates, if we get spammers, we down vote them out of existence ( doesn’t happen all that often but it happens )

    If we disagree with each other, we somehow manage to deal with it.

    How do we keep things the way they are with more people?

    Well that’s the billion dollar question. I think because this is a dedicated platform for devs, we already have the ground rules for dealing with other devs already ingrained within us, but if the influx of users are students looking at ++ farming, then they’ll sooner or later give up or actually take part in the community, meme posts only work for so long before you stop getting ++’s

    Just my 0.02 cents.
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    > limit of x users.

    Reminds me of Yahoo chatrooms where once a room got full, I think it was something like 50 people room, folk would sit and claim their spot all day.

    So you'd have people in room 24 saying they didn't like folk in room 12..

    Not keen on that idea of user limits per room space.
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    I'd have an offline reader for starters.
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    Tag-based filtering (give [oc] joke/meme pls). Auto-bans based on nationalality + age combinations, twelve year old Indians begone! Okay, that's mostly a joke. But uhhmm also direct messaging (I've got a stash of dickpicks and no one to send em to). Also making confirmed spam/shit post affect the offending user's score negatively (STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM). Selling user data so that the creators can install gold toilets and wipe their butts with crisp dollar bills. Image upload that doesn't fuck up images.
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    1) Joke/meme posts should not accrue ++
    2) I would fix tag order and remove max tag length (or substantially increase it)
    3) Darker whites (yes that's grey) or a customizable highlight color on blackest black theme. It's too bright!
    4) Repost and offensive/spam -- should always reduce the user's ++
    5) I'd fix the bug that causes notifications to disappear after loading

    5) I'd magically move all past and future bug reports and feature requests to where they belong: the tracker.
    6) I'd magically remove all the easily-offended people who refuse to think.
    7) I'd magically remove all of the :q and ; reposts. and the reposters.

    That's all I can think of immediately
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    @Root That bug is annoying. Just tap the "all" tab and they should come back up (or whatever tab you were on)

    Also everyone make sure you have the setting to block reposts on, as it (afaik) is off by default.
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    @ChubakBidpaa Well, clearly the ban didn’t stick, so that should tell you something.
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