I was assigned my first ever huge software project in college (a complex board game made in only pure java) and was assigned a group by my professor. Since I'm doing well in the class, I was given kids who want me to teach them everything (from GitHub to simple oop) on top of programming most of the system because they can't or don't want to. So to make things easier I gave out some relatively simple and specific jobs in GitHub using the issues system that apparently nobody reads. Thankfully one person decided to take initiative and start their feature but one commit later the entire system crashed and everything is broken FML can't wait to program this entire thing by myself.

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    Embrace it! These are your cadets and you're in charge. Delegate everything you can and you won't have to do a single thing yourself. ;)

    It seems hard at first, because they're noobs, but management is kinda exactly that.. you give them tasks that they'll bombard you with questions about, but if you can get them to understand they'll become an asset.
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    @stisch Glad to see this reply. Took me way too long in college to notice that my group project issues were usually a direct result of my failures as a leader.
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    The solution is Continuous Integration setup tests with CircleCi and if they fail the commit won't be out through that way those little shits can commit code that'll break the entire project.
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    @stisch Wow that a really nice comment thank you so much! I have another project with this group and I'm going to work harder with this in mind!
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    @soylatte I had this happen to me yesterday and I haven't ever used a CI so this may be the time for me to try it out, thank you!
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