Can everyone with 10yrs digital marketing experience, put their hands up 🤔

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    Also, doesn't look like much of a salary for that level of experience..
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    10 years for that little? What's the deal with the EU anyway?
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    I do have more than 5 years working with support one kind of customer service and have developed webshop newsletter and visitor analytic software for over 20 years but the salary is a joke, at least for that kind of experience.

    Tryouts get more where I work ;)

    On the other hand, only 1 in 10 make it to a permanent position, the rest does not cut it.
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    "Digital marketing" vs. "driving licence required".. I think that says it all.
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    I know people with that level of experience. They're on at least triple the top end of the salary being offered there...!
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    I can understand the desire for high experience, low pay, best of both worlds.

    But anybody with that much experience, willing to take that little, you don't want them. There's something wrong there.
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    @deadPix3l Sadly the world is full of companies that want a heck of a lot for very little, then wonder why they struggle to hire (and when they do it turns out to be someone less than stellar.)
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