Migrate ProdDB to postgres tonigth. Couse you dont have a life waiting at home. :'(

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    feel hugged my dude
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    i heard you'll be rewarded with a smooth running system in the long run 🙂
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    Hope you are getting flex time or overtime pay. Otherwise, why agree to do it? This meme of programmers working unlimited hours for free needs to die IMO.
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    @HollowKitty of course i earn money for this. But in the group of DBA's im the only single. So im here with my intern. :(
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    @mirzoz I don't know what being the only single means. But if you can, it might be helpful to earmark the OT pay you got for this so that it goes to a goal you really care about. If it's "extra" money but also "extra" pain, maybe it should go towards a side goal for yourself. For me, anytime I come into "extra" money, I stick it towards something that I don't really need, but I really want. Does that make sense?
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    @HollowKitty absolutely, i really appreciate your words my friend. Next time I probably say NO.
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