Hey everyone!

devRant will be going down on Friday, July 7th around 10:30pm EDT so we can do some database maintenance and restructuring of our cluster. It hopefully won't be down for more than about 30 minutes or so, and during that time you should see our "down for maintenance" message.

If you usually use devRant while you're on the toilet (we know many do!), we apologize and suggest you try to schedule around this!

Please let me know if you have any questions and apologies for the inconvenience.

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    Ok, I am editing my schedule
  • 123
    Please don't delay it more than 30 minutes, I don't think I can hold it more than that!!!
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    Best down time announcement ever.
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    Siri please reschedule toilet time after 11:00 pm EDT on Friday
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    Great this means I can have a 30 min smash with my misses before devRant loads back up!
  • 18
    Guys if you are in toilet please post pone your time!

    *Sits for 1 hour*
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    if devRant goes down for more then 30min 'shit will go crazy' 😂😁
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    @dfox so the supporter programm is a sucsess and you can move devRant to a bigger server?
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    That's 4:30 am for France Spain Netherlands Belgium and maybe Germany Italy Switzerland, so we don't have to worry, it'll be the "Go to fucking bed" signal
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    @oscarascal at that time you need to wake up and have to be in toilet!
  • 51
    Server maintenance on a Friday? That's real bravery!
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    @dfox Luckily, I don't have any apologies for the inconvenience 😂
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    @jens-peter so true, never do upgrades before weekend :)
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    @dfox so do you mean this will appear again? https://www.devrant.io/rants/423233
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    Sheldon would go fucking nuts
  • 5
    Hmm... Friday night.... movie night! Works for me 😀
  • 15
    Haven't they read all the rants about not changing anything on a friday? Balls of steel... But I guess they are self employed and work on weekends regardless
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    I... I am reading this on the toilet
  • 19
    @jens-peter @LMtx @jobylie I like to live on the edge. Sometimes when the fire alarm goes off I don't even commit and push :)

    @CozyPlanes that's the one!

    @heyheni the supporter program has been very successful and has brought us much, much closer to covering our costs, but unfortunately we're not there yet. This maintenance is to change some things with the DB cluster around, try to optimize costs there, and also hopefully make devRant run faster too.
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    Alright. Setting remainder in my phone for toilet time! 😉 😂
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    Its time to read more about air fresheners
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    30 min no toilet, I think I can still survive 🤔
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    Well this is one of the most positivity received downtime announcements ever! Look at all the ++, maybe do it more often 😈?

    Of course there is more understanding in this community. (The excellent message contents might also help 👍)
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    @dfox I bet you try cluster update on toilet you will finish it in 15 Minutes.
  • 2
    I got a mini shock reading "will be going down on Friday". 🙈
    I would really prefer "will be down"
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    My one time chance to go to bed early.
  • 2
    Good time to take a nap
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    I'm in the bathroom n checking devrant.... Fck... Hope this doesn't a happen tmr...
  • 2
    then I'll be in coma for that time...
  • 3
    I will be watching porn that time.
  • 1
    @suprano nope! You have to be in the toilet!
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    @DataWrecker haha nice! What are you going to do with the other 24 mins? 😆
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    @dfox If I get constipation I'm blaming you...
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    Do not mess with production db on a Friday !!
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    Thanks for the support everyone!

    Everything should be good to go now! Testing would be appreciated, please let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary.

    Let's bring Friday deploys back in style!!!
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    @dfox I can't find the unicorns or rainbows...
  • 2
  • 0
    @CozyPlanes is that you? But where's the actual unicorn?
  • 1
    @billgates no. Andrew Huang, an Canadian musician
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    @billgates there is an easter egg inside the app. pay $5 to his paypal account to see it. contact at info@devrant.io for details
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    the rant feed loads faster on my iphone, now it only needs one devRant load bounce icon animation compared to 3 before.
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    @heyheni thanks for noticing :)

    You are correct - everything is significantly faster now. We traded in a few of our smaller DB servers for one very powerful one which is able to keep a lot more data in cache and has more cores for faster querying.
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    @dfox i miss seeing the bloating devrant logo
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    Never release on Fridays lol
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