Anyone here making big bucks working for a small company? I've interned at startups and worked full time for fortune 500's, but I'm considering looking at smaller companies in the future just because the corporate environment kind of burns me out. What's it like being a senior level developer for a smaller company? Is the money typically there? And in your experience, what about quality and expectation of work? I would love to have some more say and passion into what I'm building and take home a big chunk of what a business earns but I don't know how realistic that is.

I'd also like to start my own e-commerce company but as a web developer with 0 business / marketing experience that seems far off lol

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    Before joining my current company, I used to work for a billion dollar multinational company. This is just my experience between only 2 companies, but I much prefer the smaller company. The senior devs at the small company I work for do very well. Low stress, high pay, more freedom. Compared to the larger company, I get nice perks too: free snacks, paid lunch, paid trips to conferences, team building trips, etc. It kind of has a start-up type of atmosphere. Although, I’m seeing some job postings from large companies offering more and more perks as well.
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    I work at a tiny blockchain company. Last week i just randomly assigned tasks to my juniors and took a flight to japan, without 3 months notice and consulting 7 people like in an enterprise job. Pretty clear which one i prefer.

    Also japan sucks.
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    Smaller company = less pay, more work, infinitely more autonomy (unless you are unlucky). My current company was about 70 people when I joined and I loved it. The same company is about 550 people large now and it is a cess pool of arrogant know it alls who all think nothing was done right until they arrived and started to implement everything they heard in some 2 day scrum master course. Yes, I'm bitter. Go small if your current life priorities allow it.
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    What I've learned so far, if you are a dev, working in a dev company is amazing. Not a company which has devs.

    I've been working in a world-wide bank before. Once you get used to slow motions it's okay. Salary is good, responsibilities are clearly separated, etc.

    Now I'm working in a fast-growing international mid-sized dev company and so far I've rejected all other offers. For 3 years. I really don't want to go anywhere else, even with higher pays... I've been outsourced to a smaller client as a set of helping hands. Boy did that suck... No order, pure anarchy, no strict responsibilities' separation, meaning you're doing fucking everything, poor project mgmt, noone cares to log a ticket - just comes to you and says 'just do it. I need it Yesterday', etc.

    If you have a chance, join a dev company. Be it a medium-large in size, I believe you'd be fine there. The whole attitude, culture, the priorities,... Everything's directed towards you, the dev. Their goal is to make you happy, bcz a happy dev makes a better code, a better code makes better sales, which is more $$ for everyone. While all our clients are focused only on product and $$ :)
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    In my experience, the bigger the company the more they are interested in industry averages and fitting in. Moderate, average pay

    Small companies pay what it takes to get shit done... I get great pay at a 100-200 person company
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