I gave you a chance, Nvidia. It could have been a good thing, but no. You are still crap. About two years ago, my son's graphics card (an Nvidia) died, so I thought, I'll give him my nice Radeon card, and got myself a new card. For some reason, reason failed me, and I got a GTX 1070. It's been a nice enough card, and worked well. And then the last driver update happened. Fallout 4 started to CTD before it even booted to the main menu. Me, not thinking (again) thought it was a mod, so I uninstalled and deleted and reinstalled again, with all 120 mods. Nope. Still crashing. Then I noticed, as the game booted, the fans started to ramp up, and I could tell exactly when it would crash be the sound of fans. I was expecting the computer to taxi out the room. Rolled the driver update back to the last one that worked. Now I can log in again, and things are mostly stable. Still crashes, but not as bad, probably due to reloading the mods and missing something. When the RX 3080 hits the market, bye bye Nvidia. You haven't changed a bit over the years. We're through.

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    I’ve been a consumer of Nvidia GPU’s since the Riva TNT.

    Then I bought a cheap RX580.

    Then I bought a cheap Vega 56. Then I bought another.

    Then I bought a Radeon 7.

    That all happened within the last 2 months.

    AMD’s drivers were trash for a long time. They cleaned up, last year. This year, they’ve gone from “not awful” to “pretty decent”.
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    I have had the exact same problem with an nvidia gtx 1050TI for a long time now. Fallout 4(skyrim SE too, so basically Bethesda's Creation engine) exits before the main menu without any crash reports or anything. However driver roll back did not work for me...
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    When do nvidia users learn to only use year old drivers because in general every driver update breaks something. When I see people saying an update didnt break anything I will update.
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    For the record, what card did you gave to your son?
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    @JhonDoe Sapphire R9 280 2X
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    AMD managed to roll out drivers that made my PC freeze every 3 seconds for about 1 second. Sounds crazy but is true. Using the AMD drivers that Winblows automatically downloads it was fine, but I had no AMD control panel. AMD support never answered, for whatever reason. 2 months back the drivers suddenly started working again.
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    Nvidia ... Oh, we don't want you tp use 1080 on win 10 education.

    *enter product key for win 10 pro*


    I just agree with The Big Linus on this..
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    The reason I stopped using Nvidia in the first place, was because their quality declined and driver issues were frequent. Sometimes I think it has to do with trying to get people to upgrade to a new card. Their economy is based on sales, and if a product is usable and reliable over a long period, then sales suffer. The same thing is true for cars, televisions, and just about any other consumer item out there.
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    A fellow fallout fan, huzzah.
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