The best password manager available in the market...

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    It is for elderly I think
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    Yeah not gonna write my random generated 32+ character passwords out by hand.
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    Laugh all you want but I've had to teach my parents + grandparents to use strong password and they complained that it's hard to remember. Well, I bought them this book. As most of their logins are done at home - it's pretty safe.

    ps. Some of them keep their books in the safe in order to secure the details as logins are very rare nowadays
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    My laptop has a smart card slot. I use one for my passwords.
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    use Google smart lock insted.
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    @migal99 meh, I just use LastPass and store the master password for it in a private encrypted folder on Keybase for which the master pasword I store in cold storage flash drive that has a hidden VeraCrypt partition to which the password is stored partially in my head and partially in many books around the house(one character at a time) and the index key for those is stored as a pgp encrypted file on another flash drive, where the private key is stored on a piece of paper in a safe... sooo yeah
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    @bytecode may Lord bless you...
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    @gdsoumya I may have made most of that up :D (it is true for something else tho)

    I store the master password for keybase in firefox sync, to which I log in using Google but the password to my Google account is stored in LastPass... soo basically it is a loop and I need to make sure I keep at least one device logged in to either Keybase or Google and that I also have access to my phone for Google's 2fa.
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    @bytecode that's truly secure XD...
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