Fuck JS...

Can somebody explain me?

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    The extra space nulls out the time?
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    @asgs is that an actual question? If that's the case, I don't know.
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    @codepotato I don't know, either. See if you could read the spec (assuming this is covered) to know if there are any UBs
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    @heyheni yeah but why does it fail? I wanna understand the error not just use something else. I wouldn't install a full library just to compare if a date is before/after another lol
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    @heyheni actually I would use date-fns if possible. Moment is pretty huge
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    @codepotato it's how the ISO standard is set up actually, so no blame on JS here. Sure JS lacks a lot of helper functions found in most other languages, but that example should work the same in all languages that follows ISO to the letter. ISO 8859 something I believe.

    Look up http://codingblocks.net podcast. Last two episodes deals with the ISO on dates in different languages. Sounds boring, but they make it interesting and fun.
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    @Hakash 👌a note on that in MDN docs

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    If I had to guess, the extra space makes the date parser think you're going to add in a time, but you don't. Do it just parses the date and fucks off, giving a blank time.

    I mean you acting as if programming ISN'T bitchy and specific about small things like this.
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