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    Oh that reminds me of a political group of well meaning folk who got together and started a website / forum to change the world.

    Several months they worked on something they wanted to the government to do, got all organised and was about to do a big demo / march.

    Then I came along, asked them what they was about to do, they told me.

    I pointed out that the government already did that several years ago.

    End of demo / march !
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    ...and then when you find out it already exists, you insist that you were doing it for yourself mostly whilst crying inside.
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    Sometime it doesn't matter if someone has done it already. In fact it might tell you if it's a good idea or not
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    I've seen things done that are sitting on that shelf for decades just waiting for someone to do it better.

    Often simple things like, make it bug free..

    Add a few missing features people asked for.

    Make it easier to use.
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    Guess I only have weird ideas, because they don't exist lol
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