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    Oh that reminds me of a political group of well meaning folk who got together and started a website / forum to change the world.

    Several months they worked on something they wanted to the government to do, got all organised and was about to do a big demo / march.

    Then I came along, asked them what they was about to do, they told me.

    I pointed out that the government already did that several years ago.

    End of demo / march !
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    ...and then when you find out it already exists, you insist that you were doing it for yourself mostly whilst crying inside.
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    I've seen things done that are sitting on that shelf for decades just waiting for someone to do it better.

    Often simple things like, make it bug free..

    Add a few missing features people asked for.

    Make it easier to use.
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    Guess I only have weird ideas, because they don't exist lol
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    @CaptainJustin True. There are many tasks that could be done better than current alternatives allow for.

    And, if nobody’s doing it, there may be a reason for that other than “nobody’s thought of this before”...
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    I find generally the reason why something hasn't been done, is because no one wants to do it.

    Not because they couldn't, or that many people haven't asked for it.

    Just because they don't want to do the work.
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    @Nanos There is definitely that element to it. But there's also a distinct group of ideas where people have tried/keep trying to make it work, but can't do so in a viable manner. Open Source alleviates this to some extent (so long as there is excitement for the product), but not entirely.
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    > do so in a viable manner.

    The ever elusive secret ingredient !

    Always trying to figure out, what elements will make a product successful.

    I think this is kinda easier than it looks, using that technique, now what is it called, MS use it, where you create a whole host of new products, and then can them quickly when you reckon no one likes them.. (Though its hard to tell, as they also can products that people do like..)

    You constantly evolve the design, introduce new bits, see what customers think, remove it if they hate it..

    Though I'm a great fan of options, rather than having to put up with something, make it so you can turn it off !

    The other great thing is, if you do create something, make sure it works 100%..

    Nothing puts off users more than some flaky piece of software.. (MS OS's..)

    But I think you have to try lots of designs.

    Which is not so easy when it comes to say, vehicle design..
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    I'm reminded of finding the perfect computer game to play.

    I like several different types, so you'd think it would be not so difficult to please me..

    But still, 50 years of games, and there isn't a perfect game yet..

    Well, Tetris was good mind you !

    But only really on the Gameboy, on other systems I used it lacked a multiplayer option, so I had to code that myself. :-)

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