But am still confused, is it ok in terms of good design.
Reusing existing code.

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    So you called you friend's PHP code through your Python code?
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    Hahaha 😄😄 nahh.. I just wanted post something fun.. impressive that u noticed.
    Infact you know if my friend's code is PHP.. and am writing python script.. definitely makes sense reusing it.

    I haven't coded much in PHP though.. I am more of a Java-python guy..
    But have seen few guys at office using python subprocess to call PHP.

    Side note: impressive u noticed Python PHP thing real quick.
    I think u might appreciate code reusing given your display name is lazyDev 😋😋
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    When your friends is no good at coding its normal to refactor all the code XD
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    This strongly implies that your code is a dinosaur and I love it
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    If we’re talking Django vs laravel, that snakes getting squashed
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    Python 3, PHP 0
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