Been naughty about updates.

I just hope bluetooth still works after this🤞

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    Wow ... are you using Arch Linux !!
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    @Biggy yes. wbu?
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    @toriyuno I’m surprised that you don’t know about me. All the people around the world know that I’m using Arch Linux.

    Even people in North Korea know about that.
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    @Biggy is pacman used on any other distro?
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    @toriyuno “another distro” ?? I don’t know if existed...
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    @Biggy correct answer 💯
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    Did they name kernel packages "linux"?
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    @toriyuno Yes other distros use pacman. Chakra, ArkOS, DeLi etc. Yes indeed all are based on Arch but differ quite bit from the main motto of Arch. There is also Antergos, Manjaro. Antergos just adds one additional repo and adds installer and wooow new distro which is cool since they use Arch repos while Manjaro uses its own repos and is outdated most of the time.

    And only 4.20 ? On my lappy which is in repair right now i run 5.1Rc3 and drm-5.2-next-wip.

    Also packages from git: Mesa, libdrm, xorg, Wayland, GNOME, plata-gtk, Linux, xf86-video-amdgpu and all other shit which can be built from git.

    And yes all are built daily.
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    @Biggy Oh? I always refer to you as the "Ubuntu guy". Guess one of us is wrong...
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    @Jilano I was Ubuntu guy back 2007-2011
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    @Jilano Ubuntu was the Oracle fork of Arch
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