So, I am building this UI library / component system for VueJS and finally finished the first "real" component: button...
I don't want to share the link yet, because I was lazy that this component is still not tested, but hopefully I will get to it...
What do you guys think?

Full image: https://imgur.com/0kRHBln

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    Is it using slot scopes? 😍
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    @smb26 Well, it uses default (unnamed) slot for content, so you can put literally anything inside the button.
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    @lamka02sk I know you didn’t ask for advise, but consider using it for more complex elements - me and my boss wanted to develop our own library for the company and most of the components ended up being more versatile with slot-scopes, because for example what if I want to know on the parent of the checkbox if it’s active for terms of styling/labeling
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    @smb26 Yes, it is definitely something I plan to use with more complex components, but I don't think button is really going to benefit from this...at least for now.
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    @lamka02sk yes, I am sorry that I but the carriage in front of the bulls xD I agree it has no point in a button
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    ah very nice
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    They look nice.
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