Do you listen to something while you are coding? Like podcasts or music.

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    I usually just throw on Prince's Greatest Hits and let it loop in the background. Provides just enough background noise without being distracting.
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    @Kaji nice taste!!
    I don't listen to music because is too much distracting for me.
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    Rammstein, Korean pop, trance, metal

    I sleep like a baby while listening metal. 😐
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    I listen to the whining sound of my coworker's stock CPU cooler.
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    @PonySlaystation is it Intel? 🤣
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    @irene obviously...
    they've never had any clue on how to create somewhat sane coolers.
    The noises they create are used in hell for unending torture.
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    @PonySlaystation my 2500 i5 was okay with stock cooler for about 10 years 🤔
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    @irene one close friend, relaxed while listening to death metal. He also loves Rammstein.
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    Anything released by Ultimae Records. No lyrics, strong grooves, dark energy - it's my non-prescription focus pills.
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    Metal, rock, some metal and yeah, metal
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    Varies a lot for me.
    Some days I'm going the metal route. Others its lofi hip-hop beats to relax-study to.
    Then ist kpop then old German classics.

    Some days I don't even want to listen to anything and enjoy the clickiness or my keyboard :D
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    My demons.
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    @Jakuho metal sis 😘
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    Can't listen to anything with lyrics but If right mood some techno minimal, drumcode, ambient electro/house would do it for me.

    Currently exploring "Beats to think to" (under Mood category) and "Lowkey tech" playlists on Spotify.
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    I listen to the central AC sound
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    When i need to focus i pop music on. Has to be a good tempo and have minimal lyrics. I am liking EDM and a bit of chillstep right now.
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    Electro Swing
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    HTTP 203
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    @irene metal bro 😘
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    Stick to your guns
    Set your goals
    Being as an ocean
    Miss may I
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    I'm blasting V O L B E A T !!!

    Metal, rock, synthwave and electronic in general.
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    Indian classical music - really helps to zone out and focus.
    Something like this:

    🎥 Exquisite Afternoon Raag Bhimpalasi | Kaushiki Chakraborty ...
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    chiptunes FTW
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    Just the voice of reason...
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    Music without lyrics.
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