Today at 'Derp & Co' a fellow co-worker decided that had duplicated data on Relational DB is good!

- Dev: 'but what if we have 2 companies in diferents groups?''

- co-worker: 'Just call it company A and Company B'

- Dev: 'but... this is not what...'

- co-worker: 'Trust me Dev, is the easy way'

I want the professional way, not the easy (and damn wrong) way :(, I can't improve myself like this.

Also, dead line is here too... TT^TT
Last sprint and still with doubts about the DB structure.

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    Is co worker in position to decide over structural technical decisions?
    No? Tell him to gtfo and reschedule the deadline with the arguments showing how option A is shit.
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    @beggarboy sadly, yes he is...
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    @zoridan Is he in a consulting position or senior or do you have to equal power in this?

    If you have equal power of decision I would definitely debate about it if you have needy arguments that speak against it.
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    Also, we can't extend the time on the project, because we are already doing that.

    I hate when they move me from a project to Hell-projects with everithing fucked-up
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    @beggarboy How to say it..., is one of the bosses here, so his word is the law.
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    @zoridan I feel your pain.
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    Make a post-it with that phrase and attach it to the wall. Six months from now when this error bites you in the ass point at it.
    Because it is not the easy way. It is the cheap one.
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    @Pickman haha, I could schedule a meeting with date on 6 months from today and call it 'Is this thing still not a problem?'
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    There are DB Models, that want to have duplicated data. Snowflake or Star Schema.
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    @KDSBest Ok, but at least we can say that 'because is the easy way' is not a very good fact.
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    Ask him how he plans to manage that and for what reason does he want to duplicate? Master-slave? Backup-recpvery?
    How will he manage the concurrency?
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