My project manager just had a project review at a bar because there was no space at the office. There are literally so many people at the office that we're out of chairs. And space. In a few days three more developers are scheduled to arrive. I don't know where we will put them.

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    Next to your team at the bar?
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    A side question from me on this directed at more experienced devs. What does that tell you if a office is in a state where it's hiring more people than there's workstations?
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    @beggarboy I can tell you that already.
    Pick one:
    -Logistics managers cannot count.
    -Logistics and HR managers failed in coordinating and planning properly team expansion.
    -The company at large does not care about the comfort of the employees (or about work safety).

    The part I do not get about my rant is... Of all the places they picked a bar?
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    Did anyone that went get to drink?
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