This startup I started working for with their shitty code base written by interns, restrictive sys admin who had no actual use in the company since I was the one setting up their servers, know-it-all CEO, stupid HR representative who used to grill employees for being 10 minutes late in the morning, very small apartment "HQ", using fingerprints to signal our entry and our leave to and from the office, no formal process, and, to top it all, monitoring our own laptops which we use for work with a software that takes screenshots every few minutes. In short, it had the worst in corporates with the worst of startups combined in one company.

If, hypothetically, we could overlook all this, I couldn't overlook the horrible smell this place had. The apartment was overlooking a small garden which was a home for many stray cats and dogs. You can imagine how horrible this smell was. The weird thing was that no one there seemed to really care about the smell!!

I lasted there for only one week before I gave my resignation and I believe I had every right to do so.

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    Wow, apart from the smell I can feel you. Some companies are doomed to fail because of things like this.
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    Always do the interview at the corporate office, so you can a feel for the place. And smell. I would have been like, "You want to install what on my laptop? I'm sorry we wasted each other's time. Have a nice life. Byeeee!"
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    @iAmNaN @CoffeeNcode they didn't say anything about a monitoring software until I was already in the job. That's why nowadays when I interview with a company I explicitly ask them how they monitor their developers' progress.
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