Not sure what I wanna do ---

Backend Development or Data Analyst

Even in backend development confused between nodejs, PHP, Python though I don't have proper knowledge of all of them.

For Data Analyst I am looking the way from where I should start.

I am in 3rd year of my college
Can anyone please help me with this?

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    Go deeper into the back end; you are in the middleware.
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    As a developer you most times don't know how to do something. It's a quintessential dev skill to be able to acquire knowledge. So if you got no clue then read some books? Or do some online courses?



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    I think that for Data Analyst you need to focus on math much more than what you usually need for backend. I'm working with data mostly and it certainly feels like it is deficiency in my knowledge that is affecting work.
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    If ur not a good developer or u just enjoy analyzing data (note in ur job the data / subject / content u will be analyzing will most likely not appeal to u) go into data science, but if u enjoy building stuff, if u are able to write clean maintainable efficient code go to backend dev
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    Learning Python will help you both in backend development (Flask / Django) and in data science/analyst (pandas / numpy)
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    If you love to constantly learn, do backend development. It’s extremely rewarding and it’s hard not to find a job
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