Just read an article that really grinds my gears. Its about coding in other languages. Not programming languages, but literally other languages.

Btw I learned to code in Spanish and I'm not against coding in programming languages using variable names in other languages.

That's fine.

What pissed me off was that the author claimed that we should be able to code Fucking JavaScript in SWAHILI or other languages available. What kind of PC bullshit is that!

Coding is barely fucking readable and now we have to make standards for Multilanguage support. Just learn the less than 60 reserved words you lazy fuck and code with them! I leaned to code with shitty tutorials in Spanish and theres no 1000x resources out there and this author claims you can't code unless you know english.

Granted. It's easier but wtf not just learn it. When I coded in Java in Spanish, I didn't know wtf a Class was or ags meant. So what. I memorized that shit. How? By coding!

Why bring this PC shit to programming? The author thinks there are few programmers bc we don't support fucking SWAHILI in JavaScript. Fuck no!

Now if you want to support this initiative. Think of this,

...legacy code

...in 32+ languages.

Have fun debugging this thing.

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    @iamavalos Agreed. It's fine to learn to code that way. Or even if you are working in a small project in your company. But it's not cool to put it as a standard.
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    ++ for swahili
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    I have yet to see non-English code that wasn't stitched together by a noob and that isn't a noob mess.
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    Oh boi.

    Please stick to plain english.
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    Maybe esperanto? Hahaha lol
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    At least use english only on open source projects
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    The fun really starts when RTL languages are involved
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    The only german words I sometimes find in our projects are in comments. But besides that these comments are very old and we got used to comment in english, we all know that our code will never leave Germany. That naming variables or functions in german is a definitve no-go was the first thing I habe learned when I started learning programming
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    @7400 ok stop it rite there
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    @karma: Don't you mean… /left/ there?
    I'll show myself out.
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    That has no sense. What I'd strongly recommend (to all those who don't speak English as their "default" language) is to search documentation and stack overflow questions in English. Sadly if you search tutorials in spanish or in another language you'll find outdated info and even bad explained :(
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    By the way, that reminds me something I used to do in my last job.

    My boss said "code in german so the americans can't steal our code". Obivously he was kidding, but I actually coded in german XD
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    @ElizadeathRaven the Chamber of Industry and Commerce puts german code in their intermediate exam as part of questions and the chance to find something like 'bekommeName()' in the final exam is around 100% 😅 even our teachers are teaching us to code in german tho nobody of my class does that at work
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