Allright, this is my first rant here, but I just couldn't hold it anymore. Today our teacher had us enumerate the computer hardware components and describe their function. So I got to describe RAM and I said that RAM is used to hold data temporarily. The moment I said that, the teacher yelled that it is totally wrong and RAM doesn't contain any data. I really got pissed off, because this is a type of arrogant teacher who always knows everything better than anyone else. How this kind of people even get to teach others?! I swear that if she wasn't a teacher I would tell her she is dumb. If it is not data in RAM, then am I holding 8GB of air in my RAM sticks or what? I am so outraged right now that I cannot stop telling everyone about it...

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    The only thing I learnt in school for my life is that teachers usually don't want the right solution to the question, they just want the answer they told you to give them.

    The worse the teacher, the more you can expect this

    I used to have a teacher who thought the LIFO structures where just like FIFOs, while EVERY other teacher told him they were different
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    @ZioCain Well I am usually ok with responding exactly how the book says, even if it is not completely accurate, but this time I said it just as it was written in the book. And the statement that RAM doesn't hold any data makes me think that she has something specifically with me
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    According to that teacher, what does it hold then?
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    @norman70688 I honestly don't know. I asked her, but she kept changing the subject. Her only argument was that I was completely wrong
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    Germany or India?
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    @b3b3 Neither actually. Is it common in Germany in India?
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    Well one can also use ram bars to wipe off one's ass and toilet paper for holding temporary data and code, I guess.
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    This sort of thing is why I dropped out of high school in the 10th grade (USA). Never looked back, and hasn't been a hinderance to me what so ever.

    That was almost 19 years ago at this point. I went and signed up for college courses at the local community college a couple weeks after I dropped out. One of the best decisions I've ever made TBH.
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    @D4RW1N In Germany, more or less. I definitely know a few of those teachers. And I also heard some indian stories sooooo...
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    @Fast-Nop Can't argue with that, I guess 😂
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    If she is wrong, tell her.
    You shouldn't be afraid of calling her dumb if she refuses to accept evidence.
    And if she really is dumb, fight against her! Tell her she is wrong everytime she is. Make her KNOW, make everyone in class know, that you are smarter than her. Beat the exams perfectly. If she dares to give you any other grading than the one you deserve, have your exam be corrected by another teacher and denounce her at the school administration.
    You have to give her no other choice than to accept your intellectual dominance.
    This is the only way to overcome such ignorant and arrogant, such stupid teachers.
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    @b3b3 Seems like high schools all around the world have theese type of teachers. At least one
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    Had a lecturer who insisted that 'computer' is an acronym of something like 'Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education, and Research' and asked that in their tests. This was at college.
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    @Benedikt Honestly I do great at informatics. But she already has a pretty bad reputation among everyone. We usually don't argue with her, because she will usually find a way to pwn you over legally later. At least if we stay on her good side we get good marks
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    @D4RW1N You should never bow down to an idiot.
    She can do nothing against you if you simply give the right answers. You have to know the law, know what your rights are, what you have to do and what not, then she can't do anything against you.
    And it's worth the effort! Having beaten this arrogant and stupid teacher, having made her to give you the best grade while she hates you with heart and soul, having shown everyone how dumb she is and being the one that showed her the limits and how small and powerless she actually is, could be the greatest and most satisfying fealing in your young life.
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    @Benedikt I do get what you are saying. And we certainly would do something about her. It's just that we just recently got her as a teacher and we don't have much untill graduation. As we all have bigger problems right now, the optimal way for us is to just ignore her BS to get good marks and just end the year with good scores. Or maybe it's just us at high school having an "I don't care because I graduate soon" attitude 😅
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    That's how idiots can get through with their bullshit.
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    In my 12 years of school i've never had a teacher who wasn't willing to discuss disagreement, if I've drawn attention to the subject respectfully. Guess I was pretty lucky.
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    @McSebi I've had a lot of incompetence and ignorance. All you can do is work to be an anny of those who were in the same position.
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